single release

hey hey there! just wanted to let you all know that i've gone ahead and released a single that wasn't going to make it onto my album. i just felt that it was time to put something out there.. even if it's only a little something. the song was written for a friend who had been going through a hard time in her life and she has a thing for more folky tunes so it's got an acoustic feel to it. you can click the link below or the "album" button to the right to have a listen or even purchase it if you'd like. i really appreciate all of your support and i hope you enjoy it!

listen here


pin-up inspired photos

i've been wanting to do this photoshoot with rowan ever since we got the pink pedal car when i was pregnant. of course, we had to take some in her papa's '64 impala while we were at it. heart explosions!


Oh hi, 2k14.

It's been awhile. We've got some catching up to do..

There have been lots of beach days.

Lots of workouts.

Lots of fun with friends.
Lots of caffeine.
Lots of holidays.

Lots of cuddles and sleeps.
Lots of home updates.

But best of all, lots of adventures with this cute little ball of sass. 

We're ready for you, 2014.